Invisalign® allows you to get a beautiful smile without braces!

It uses a series of custom made, clear removable aligners to guide your teeth into the desired position.

This is how Invisalign® works:

  • Each set of aligners is worn for 2 weeks, 22 hours a day
  • They are removed for meals and snacks
  • Normal brushing and flossing is required after eating
  • Office visits occur every 8-10 weeks to verify progress and obtain the next sequence of aligners
  • Treatment time averages 9-15 months
  • Retainers are needed at the completion of treatment
  • You can elect AcceleDent to reduce treatment time by as much as 50%

Invisalign® works well for most teens and adults if worn consistently. While it’s often a wonderful treatment option, Invisalign® is not for everyone. Dr. Randolph – who is a Premier Provider of Invisalign® and has advanced training through the Invisalign® Masters Program – can help you determine if Invisalign® is right for you. If you would like to learn more, please call our office to set-up an appointment with Dr. Randolph for a complimentary consultation.[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end class=”rightform”]

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Meet Our Orthondontist

Doctor Akhras was raised in a medical family. His father is a surgeon, brothers are physicians, and his sister is a pharmacist. Doctor Akhras completed his dental education at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Massachusetts. He received his training in orthodontics at the University of Buffalo New York School of Dentistry. Doctor Akhras is a member of the local and national orthodontic societies.

Doctor Akhras is married and has two young children. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time playing tennis and jogging. He also enjoys watching sports and traveling.

Since Doctor Akhras started practicing orthodontics in the Chicago land area, he has helped hundreds of patients achieve great results with beautiful smiles that should last a lifetime!